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NJSSPA is the organization representing members of the physician assistant profession in New Jersey. Physician assistants are highly trained clinicians who are hard at work improving the health of the people of New Jersey.

Vision Statement

NJSSPA’s Vision is to be recognized and respected by the healthcare community and the public as the prominent physician assistant state organization. NJSSPA is dedicated to promoting education, advocacy and partnership to achieve quality, cost-effective healthcare.

Mission Statement

To promote quality medical care to the people of New Jersey through education both to the membership and to the public.

To provide the general membership with a forum for informal assembly regarding issues that relate to PAs of New Jersey.

To facilitate mutual assistance and support of PAs, health professionals, and health services.

To organize and disseminate health care information through forums, panels and other similar programs concerning the delivery and quality of health care service within New Jersey.

What Can NJSSPA Do For Me?

NJSSPA is the only organization that has effectively worked with New Jersey Legislators to improve Physician Assistant practice in New Jersey.

Every New Jersey PA recognizes there is much room for improvement in our Practice Legislation and Regulations.

Your state society is hard at work promoting increased awareness of our profession and promoting change that will improve both our practice conditions and the health of our patients.

We are your voice in New Jersey, and we look forward not only to your membership, but your participation in our efforts.

Strength in Numbers

While individual PAs do excellent work, there is one voice that will capture the attention of legislators, the public and other healthcare organizations: our collective voice. The more PAs that participate, the louder our collective voice becomes. We need your help to advocate for the issues that are most important to you.


In tough economic times, may PAs wonder about the value of participation in a professional association. Looking at the big picture, NJSSPA is hard at work to improve your practice environment, which will improve your earning potential. NJSSPA negotiates discounts with various service providers, and NJSSPA members attend our CME events at a discounted rate. NJSSPA members are also able to access our employment database, one of the first places that NJ PA employers look for candidates.

NJSSPA looks carefully at each dollar we spend, and you can be sure your dues are put to good use, such as supporting student scholarships and working toward the legislative changes we need to better serve the people of NJ.

Advance Your Career

Are you hoping to advance your career? Would you like to serve in a leadership position in your practice or facility? NJSSPA can help you to develop the skills needed to lead. Many former NJSSPA members have gone on to distinguish themselves by serving in leadership roles in education, state agencies and other healthcare organizations. Volunteering to serve as a NJSSPA Board or Committee member provides a great leadership opportunity and enhances your resume.

Stay Connected

Do you really know what is happening with PA practice in New Jersey? Healthcare is becoming increasingly complex, and with each passing month, new regulations are developed, some of which could have a profound impact on your practice. Being a member of NJSSPA keeps you connected and gives you perspective. NJSSPA members receive periodic newsletters, email updates, and notices in the members area of the website.

NJSSPA Membership provides a great opportunity to discuss issues of concern to you, share experiences and build friendships and professional relationships. Your participaton makes tangible, long-lasting contributions to the health of our profession and our patients.

Continuing Education

Continuing medical education is essential to PAs in order to maintain NCCPA board certification as well as licensure in the State of New Jersey.  NJSSPA is recognized as a provider of high quality, low-cost CME events. Keep an eye on the website or our Facebook page for an event schedule. Members of NJSSPA are eligible for discounted CME opportunities offered by the organization.


Non-Member PAs

To ALL New Jersey Physician Assistants:

NJSSPA is the only organization in New Jersey which promotes the interests of all PAs in all settings and specialties. NJSSPA supports you and it needs your support. Our Board and Committees are composed of very dedicated volunteers, but they can only accomplish so much (especially when organizations with paid full-time staff are working against us!)

We realize there are a variety of reasons for not joining, including:

  • Lack of awareness. Some PAs may feel that they do not need NJSSPA, or that NJSSPA does not do anything for them. Please see the History page to see why this is untrue.
  • Inconvenience. Joining used to be a nuisance. Not anymore! We now accept credit cards online. You are only a couple of clicks away from joining!
  • Expense. NJSSPA works hard to keep your dues among the lowest in the nation. At the same time, we need financial support. If every PA in NJ became a member, NJSSPA would be free from financial concerns and could focus its efforts more productively. Negotiate with your employer - in many cases they will cover your dues as a professional expense.

If you feel that NJSSPA can improve our services, please email us at info@njsspa.org or complete the NJ Physician Assistant Survey to let us know how we can improve.

Contact Information Needed!

If you are a New Jersey licensed PA, we already have your mailing address (your address of record is available from the State). Please consider providing your email address as well. NJSSPA does not distribute our contact list to outside parties for any reason. We occasionally receive information that is important enough to be distributed to all PAs. If you wish to receive these updates, please send your name and email address to info@njsspa.org.

Financial Hardship

NJSSPA recognizes that PAs are not immune from occasional financial difficulties. No member will be turned away because of an inability to pay. Our annual dues are essential to making our organization run, but if they create a significant financial hardship for you, please email us at info@njsspa.org and we will attempt to make suitable arrangements.

Member Benefits

Still not convinced? Please take a look at our member benefits.

Meet our Leaders

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