Candidate for President

Name of Nominee:  Tracy Piparo 

PROFESSIONAL DATA:                     

PA Education:                                  

SVCMCNY-Bayley Seton PA Program, Class of 2001

NCCPA Certified, 2001-Present


Central Jersey Internal Medicine

Hospitalist at RWJ and SPUH (Sept 2017 - Present)


Emergency Medicine (2001 to Present - now per diem)

Professional Involvement:               

NJSSPA Member (2008 - Present)

NJSSPA Director at Large (2012-2015)

NJSSPA CME Committee Chair (2013-2014)

NJSSPA GAC Committee Chair (2017-Present)

AAPA member (2001-Present)

SEMPA member (2002-2016)

PLATFORM DATA:                             

It is my honor to accept this nomination for President of the New Jersey State Society of Physician Assistants.  I have been an active member of NJSSPA since 2011, serving on the board as a member at large and also as the committee chairperson for both CME, which included organizing the annual conference for two years, and presently the Government Affairs Committee.  I have a passion to continue to represent not only our chosen profession but the hard working colleagues I stand beside in this state.

If elected President, I would strive to organize, mobilize and empower the PAs of NJ to use our voices as advocates for our patients, ourselves and the changing face of healthcare. I stand by the vision of NJSSPA set forth in its bylaws and believe that each PA in NJ is able to contribute to achieving our mission while supporting one another.

NJSSPA’s Vision is to be recognized and respected by the healthcare community and the public as the prominent Physician Assistant state organization. NJSSPA is dedicated to promoting education, advocacy and partnership to achieve quality, cost effective healthcare.

As President, I will use the words of NJSSPA’s own mission statement to guide me in my leadership role, as I strive to empower PAs, students and PA supporters as we all work to advocate for each other, our profession and our patients.

NJSSPA’s Mission:

  • Promote access to safe, high-quality, affordable healthcare for the people of New Jersey.

I would like create a committee to work with interested PAs and students to provide volunteer opportunities throughout NJ for those interested.  To continue my involvement in government affairs, I would plan to be active/vocal and engaged with our legislature in matters related to health and wellness. 

  • Provide education and practice information to our membership and the general public. 

With a strong board in place, I would work to plan and execute a CME conference providing at least 8 hours of Cat I credits.  In addition, I would like to provide educational and social activities for members and collaborating physicians that provide networking opportunities.

Working with the PA Foundation and the student organizations around the state, I believe NJSSPA can become a vehicle to provide informational opportunities and education to the patients of NJ as well as work to engage them in their own healthcare. I envision working with bordering state organizations, AAPA and specialty organizations as well as our in-state PA Programs to provide valuable learning opportunities. 

  • Provide the general membership with a forum for informal assembly regarding issues that relate to PAs of New Jersey 

As our membership grows and of course becomes more engaged, as well as with the increased use of social media, I hope to use these various opportunities to increase discussion and engagement among the PAs of NJ.  Peer involvement and support is empowering and NJSSPA must harness that energy and focus on hearing the needs/concerns of members and work with them to initiate change if necessary.  We continue to update our website and have increased our social media presence significantly over the past year.  I would like to work especially with students and recently graduated PAs to create more opportunities for engagement and discourse.  For seasoned PAs not to be forgotten, I think we can all benefit from networking events as well as electronic newsletters.  I would love to learn more about our members and what their interests are - in medicine and outside of medicine.  Providing an outlet for discussion, personal expression and questioning will become instrumental in building a strong membership.

In summary, as President, I believe I can provide dynamic, engaged and informed leadership to an organization that stands on the cusp of an ever-changing healthcare universe.  If today is NOT the day for PAs to shine, then WHEN?  We care for our patients and give advice to help others succeed, now we MUST care for ourselves, OUR profession, OUR art.  We must ENGAGE, TEACH and LEARN from one another.  We must use the wisdom of the seasoned veteran PAs as well as the energy and naiveté of students and new graduates to propel us forward.

I look forward to working with a board that has a similar vision and meeting many new PAs who share my enthusiasm and commitment to our profession as well as our patients and colleagues.

Candidate for Vice President 

PROFESSIONAL DATA:                     

PA Education:    

PA Program, Touro College

NCCPA Certified (2011-Present)         


Hackensack University Medical Center, Trauma & Critical Care Medicine (2014-2016)

Emergency Department (2013-Present)

Advance Medical Group Internal Medicine 2016-Present

Rapid Response Team (2013-2016)

Hackettstown EMA Emergency Medicine (2016-2017)

Immedicenter Urgent Care (2012-2013)

100% Clinical Practice

Professional Involvement:

NJSSPA member (2017-Present)

New Jersey Outstanding PA of the Year -2017

NJSSPA Member at Large (2017-Present)

NJSSPA Communications Committee Chair (2017-Present)

AAPA member (2011-Present)

PLATFORM DATA:            

It is my honor to have this privilege in accepting this nomination for Vice-President of the New Jersey State Society of Physician Assistants.

I have been an active member of NJSSPA since 2017. Joining this society I soon witnessed values among the active members were inspiring. I had the privilege of accepting NJ State Outstanding PA of the Year in 2017 following the implementation of a brand new website for the society. I also accepted the seat member at large, Government Action Committee, and Chair of Communications committee.

In my role of website recreation, a new platform for job openings, a pre-PA assistance program, a dedicated PA student & Active PA platform was made available. We decreased annual cost by over 80%, and increased membership by nearly 172%. I stand for our website to maximally represent our state organization, and furthermore all of New Jersey PA’s. My time commitment as a physician assistant surpasses only a job. Instead it is a lifestyle to operate as a member on an optimal team of practice, which profoundly impacts the greater good of healthcare. My belief in doing so is by constituting generosity, respect, and expressing the dedicated stand each and everyone of us, as PA’s generate.

I have set an agenda to expand on volunteer opportunities, the possibility of over-seas contributions with medical missions, pre-pa resources, and keeping our voice at the forefront of state laws and regulations. We have an influential voice of future bills, and recommended adjustments of bills in process. Ideas are in place for creating discounts to many different resources for our members. On the agenda, the finalization of a cost effective platform is being set for our yearly NJSSPA CME event, decreasing costs by over $1000. There is also set in place an upcoming website section in acknowledgement NJ PA’s making it on the news. Additionally I am interested on acknowledging our unheard PA leaders in our state to the public eye.

Our success thus far is only a reflection of what I am committed to create for all of us. I hold firm belief that with our momentum, our expansion is limitless, and many potentially unforeseen achievements are on the horizon. I am dedicated to this ongoing role of empowering PA’s, students, and all communities; through contribution, generosity, inspiration, and health. As Vice-President I am committed to representing and operating by the voice of all PA’s, and stand for our powerful and deeply inspirational profession.



Hi Caroline!

Candidate for Secretary 

Name of Nominee:  Jennifer Sims 



PROFESSIONAL DATA:                     

PA Education:   

Class of 2005 Master of Medical Science and Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistant Studies, Nova Southeastern University

NCCPA Certified, 2006-Present


Patient First Urgent Care: currently

Previous Employment: Jefferson Hospital Methodist Division

Fort Dix 57th Medical


Southern Jersey Family Medical Associates

Memorial Hospital of Salem County    

Professional Involvement:   

NJSSPA member

NJSSPA CME Committee Chair

AAPA member


My professional background in clinical medicine and prior experience with NJSSPA has prepared me to represent NJ Physician Assistants at the state level.  I am dedicated to continue evolving the PA profession of those in the state of NJ as well as increasing continuing education opportunities for those practicing in all fields.  I would be grateful for another opportunity to dedicate my time to be the secretary of NJSSPA.



Candidate for Treasurer

Name of Nominee:  Erica Amianda

PROFESSIONAL DATA:                     

PA Education:          

BS, Physician Assistant Studies, CUNY York College, Class of 2010

NCCPA Certified (2010-Present)                       


Hackensack University Medical Center (2015-present)

  • Lead PA, Physician Assistant Center for Advanced Practice
  • Bariatric Surgery PA

Garden State Urology @ Morristown Medical Center (2016-present)

  • Urology PA (per diem)

Mountainside Medical Center, Montclair, NJ (2013-2014)

  • Lead Surgical PA

East Orange General Hospital (2013-2015)

  • ER PA (per diem)

Lenox Hill Hospital, New York, NY (2012-2013)

  • Surgery / Urology PA

NYU School of Medicine (2010-2012)

  • Orthopedic PA 

Professional Involvement:     

NYSSPA Student Director at Large (2008-2010)

NJSSPA / AAPA member


I am honored to be nominated as a candidate for Treasurer for NJSSPA.  Working with NYSSPA as a student director introduced me to the experience of supporting and representing the PAs of the state.  This, combined with being the President of my class, gave me an excellent introduction to how utilize leadership skills for the advancement of my fellow PAs. I quickly recognized that in addition to clinical practice, advocating and representing PAs would be an integral part of my career.

With the PA Center for Advanced Practice I work closely with executive leadership to promote PAs to practice to the top of our license, promote the education of the rotating PA students and continuing education for practicing PAs, as well as engage PAs to participate in research and quality projects.  I believe this work will seamlessly translate into the mission of NJSSPA for the PAs of our state.

Working at two large hospital systems in the state concurrently and having prior experience at community hospitals has allowed me to be intertwined with various PA cultures.  I understand the varying needs and priorities of the diverse types of PA practice.

My additional interests include research and quality in medicine.  I have championed multiple quality improvement projects at Hackensack, and sit on multiple committees that focus on the quality of care of patients in multiple departments.  One project on reducing readmissions after bariatric surgery will be presented at the 2018 American College of Surgeons Quality Conference.

My other personal interests including organizing an annual 5k Walk from Obesity that benefits obesity research and education, as well as spending time with my two young boys.  I also am currently pursuing a Masters in Healthcare Administration from Seton Hall University.

It would be a great honor to serve as a treasurer for the PAs in NJ and be part of a team that supports PA practice and facilitates positive change to our profession and the care that we deliver to the patients of NJ.  If elected, I will take my various experiences and dedicate them to the continued positive efforts and initiatives of NJSSPA to support their mission.




Candidate for Member at Large

Name of Nominee:  Carla Pardee   


PA Education:  

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Physician Assistant Program, Class of 2016

NCCPA Certified (2016-Present)


Department of Emergency Medicine, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital; New Brunswick, NJ, July (2016-Present)

Professional Involvement:     

NJSSPA member (2015-Present)

AAPA member (2015-Present)

SEMPA member (2018-Present)


From my clinical experiences and volunteerism I have witnessed the feats PAs can bring to communities- whether local urban areas or remote indigenous areas.  We have a unique, dynamic, profession that deserves continued empowerment, advances, and recognition.

Although I am a newly established PA, I am motivated to ensure a thriving future for PAs. It would be an honor and my chief commitment to serve as NJSSPA member at large.                  


Candidate for Member at Large

Name of Nominee:  Dhaval A. Patel   


PA Education:  

PA Program, UMDNJ, Class of 2010

NCCPA Certified, 2010-Present


Envision Physician Services - Associate Practitioner Provider Site Director at Richmond  University Medical Center

  • Emergency Trauma Dept. (Sept. 2017 – Present)

Emergency Medical Associates -

  • Staffing Support Team (Feb. 2014 – Sept. 2017)

Hackensack University Medical Center

  • Emergency Trauma Dept. (Oct. 2010 – Feb 2014)

Professional Involvement:     

NJSSPA member (2010-present)

AAPA member (2010-present)

SEMPA member (2014-present)


Practicing as a Physician Assistant in Emergency Medicine over the past 7 years, along with pursuing my MBA, has prepared me to represent NJ Physician Assistants at the state level. Being a part of an elite internal traveling team along with practicing in Emergency Medicine throughout the entire state has given me the invaluable experience required to succeed as a Member At Large. I genuinely believe in the Physician Assistant role, we are fundamental members of the healthcare team, and with the on-going dynamic changes in healthcare, NJSSPA needs ambitious leaders. My intention is to expand NJSSPA by providing an influential voice and making sure the profession continues to grow. The impact of volunteerism is priceless and it’s my turn to contribute! With your support, I welcome the opportunity to service as NJSSPA Member At Large.


Candidate for Member at Large

Name of Nominee:  Meenal K. Patel 


PA Education:  

PA Program, PCOM Class of 2004

NCCPA Certified (2004 – Present)


Cardio Metabolic Institute (2013- Present)

Clinical Practice: Inpatient & Outpatient Services

Wellness/Obesity Clinical Coordinator

Research Trials: Sub-Investigator

New Brunswick Cardiology Group (2004-2013)

Professional Involvement:

NJSSPA Member at Large (2014-2016)

NJSSPA Conference Co-Chair (2014)

NJSSPA CME Committee (2014)

NJSSPA and AAPA (member since 2014)


With nearly 15 years of clinical experience, I have learned it is crucial to promote education, opportunity, and awareness in order to grow our profession.  It is vital to increase NJSSPA awareness among our professional community at a local, state, and national level.  I would help bring new ideas and suggestions to help further the goals of NJSSPA to help represent, support, and serve the physician assistants in the state of New Jersey.


Candidate for Member at Large

Name of Nominee:  Krista Wark Rogaski 


PA Education:  

PA Program, UMDNJ, Class of 2006

NCCPA Certified, 2006-Present


Jersey City Medical Center, Department of General and Trauma Surgery (2006-2016)

EMA, RWJ-Rahway (2011-2012)

Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, Department of Surgery – Neurosurgery (2012-2016)

Neurosurgeons of New Jersey (2016-2017)

Rutgers Neurological Institute of New Jersey (2017 – Present)

Professional Involvement:     

NJSSPA member (2005-Present)

NJSSPA Member at large (2016- Present)

NJSSPA Delegate to the AAPA (2015-2016)

AAPA member (2005-Present)


I have had the privilege of serving the PAs of the state of New Jersey since 2015 in the capacity of Delegate to AAPA, and subsequently Member at Large. I believe that PAs need a voice on the state, local, and national levels to continue to grow and develop as a profession in a changing medical and administrative landscape. If I am elected to continue to serve, I will work with my fellow NJSSPA members to support further updates to PA practice, such as inclusion in POLST, and to raise the profile of the PA profession.

Candidate for House of Delegates

Name of Nominee:  Camille J. Dyer 

PROFESSIONAL DATA:                     

PA Education:  

PA Program, UMDNJ, 1999

NCCPA Certified, 2000-Present                                


New Brunswick Cardiology Group, PA -  Somerset, NJ

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital -  New Brunswick, NJ

Professional Involvement:              

NJSSPA member (1996-present)

NJSSPA Chief Delegate (2012-present)

NJSSPA Awards Committee Co-Chair (2011-2015)

NJSSPA Diversity Committee Chair (2001-present)

AAPA Fellow Member (2000-present)

ACC Fellow Member (2006-present)

ACC PA Workgroup (2012-present)

ACC PA Strategic Planning Sub work Group (2012-present)

NJ-ACC CCA CME Committee (2012-2013)

RWJUH APP Forum Pioneer (2012-present)

Association of PAs in Cardiology (2012-present)

African Heritage Caucus-President Elect (2014-present)

AAPA Liaison to NMA (2016-present)


I have been actively involved with NJSSPA serving in various capacities since 1997. As a student I was Treasurer of the student chapter where we participated in multiple fundraising activities as well as Habitat for Humanity Build Day. I have been dedicated to the organization for the past several years as Chair of the Diversity Committee and served as Chair/Co-Chair of the Awards Committee for several years.

As chair of the Diversity Committee I have organized various activities including the Raritan Valley Chapter of Habitat for Humanity where for the last two years team NJ PAs has been the top fundraising team.  In addition, we donated copies of the book We Beat the Street to an elementary school in Trenton. I was informed by their teacher that the students were so engaged by the book that they started reading it the very next day and many of them had completed it by the end of the week.  Some of the students subsequently wrote poetry as to the impact the book has had on them.  I have organized round table discussions on the impact of health care disparities in conjunction with the AAPA provided DVD "Worlds Apart."   During PA Week both practicing PAs and PA students participated in the Race to Outrun Hunger in Edison in 2014 which supported “the Hands of Hope” which is a non-profit, community based organization committed to providing an efficient and effective centralized system for distributing food to alleviate hunger.  In 2015, PAs and PA students participated in Autism Speaks at ETS in Princeton, NJ.

As a former Chair/Co-Chair of the Awards Committee it truly is an honor to meet and interact with individuals who have contributed to the PA profession in so many different ways.  The dedication and commitment of our colleagues is amazing and inspiring.  There are so many ways to influence the lives of the patients we serve.  It is a privilege to share the accomplishments of others with members of our professional community.

Finally, since 2006 I have served as an Alternate, Delegate, and as Chief Delegate to the House of Delegates (HOD) for 2012 through 2018.   HOD consists of voting delegates from chartered constituent chapters, officially recognized specialty organizations, the Caucus Congress, and the Student Academy. Serving as one of the New Jersey representatives is a unique opportunity to hear the various concerns of our colleagues from other states and consider the impact those concerns would have on PAs in NJ.  It is an honor to represent the State of New Jersey as our national organization discusses so many different aspects of the profession. The discussions and debates are truly thought provoking and engaging.

I am a graduate of the UMDNJ PA program and have been a full-time employee of New Brunswick Cardiology Group since graduation and a per diem employee of Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital House Services.  As a member of the medical staff at RWJUH, I actively participate in the APP Forum which provides an opportunity to network with our colleagues.

With your support I hope to continue to serve as an AAPA Delegate.



Candidate for House of Delegates

Name of Nominee:  Gregory David Pierson  

PROFESSIONAL DATA:                     

PA Education:  

Hahnemann University, Philadelphia, PA - BS Physician Assistant Program (October 1997)

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA – BS School of Physical Education (May 1985)

PA certified (1997 to Present)                   


Robert Wood Johnson University of Hospital, New Brunswick, NJ (July 2005-Present)

Assistant Professor Rutgers University Medical School

Emergency Medical Associates, Livingston, NJ (1998-June 2005)

Physician Assistant, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

Staff member in Emergency Department at RWJUH since June 1997 responsible for managing patient care and patient flow.

  • Since June 2005 a clinical instructor and assistant professor for UMDNJ and Rutgers University.  Teaching PA students, medical students and residents emergency medicine.
  • BLS instructor teaching BLS to staff members of RJWUH.

Professional Involvement:      

NJSSPA member since 2010

HOD member since 2014


I have been a member of HOD for the past 4 years.  I have been involved in the awards committee as well as the committee to rework the bylaws for NJSSPA.  I have attended to AAPA HOD meetings during this time. My goals for the up and coming year is to continue to advance the PA profession. I enjoy working with the HOD, NJSSPA board and look forward to continue to advance the goals and objectives of the board.



Candidate for House of Delegates

Name of Nominee:  Gary Racich  

PROFESSIONAL DATA:                     

PA Education:  


Rutgers University (formerly The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey UMDNJ

Piscataway, New Jersey - Masters of Science, Physician Assistant


Ocean County Community College

Toms River, New Jersey


The University of Scranton

Scranton, Pennsylvania - Bachelor of Science, Exercise Science & Sport; Concentration, Nutrition                


8/14-Present - Tri-County Orthopedics, Cedar Knolls, New Jersey

Full-time - Physician Assistant

Work collaboratively with Dr. Stephen Hunt and other physicians in a large multi-physician and multi-PA practice.  See new patients, follow-ups, pre-ops and post-ops as well as hospital consults and taking call for the group.  First assist in the OR, perform procedures in the office setting and manage inpatient population.  Correspond frequently with patients and other providers to deliver the best orthopedic care possible to our patients.

Professional Involvement:      

2012-present   American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA)-Fellow Member

2013-present   New Jersey State Society of Physician Assistants (NJSSPA)

2015-2017       NJSSPA House of Delegates Representative Member

2014-Present   Physician Assistants of Orthopedic Surgery (PAOS) - Fellow member

2012-2013       Student Society of UMDNJ Physician Assistants (SSUPA); Member at Large


My desire to better the career of all Physician Assistants, provide the best possible care to patients and my aspiration to learn as much as possible about this career has prepared me to represent NJ Physician Assistants at both the state and national levels.  Having been a part of the House of Delegates the past 2 years and attending the national conference in San Antonio as well as Las Vegas I know there is a lot that can be accomplished and I would like to take the concerns and ideas of NJ Physician Assistants to that level and have our voices heard.  I hope to be able to take on this opportunity again and serve on the House of Delegates to represent the state of NJ.




Candidate for House of Delegates

Name of Nominee:  Gianna Scaglione  



My name is Gianna Scaglione; I am a Physician Assistant practicing in Orthopedic Surgery and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation/Interventional pain management in New Jersey. I am accepting the nomination for House of Delegates representative for NJSSPA as I think it will ease me into the organization while providing me with a great introduction to the national-level policy process that influences our profession that I am so proud to be a part of. As a Physician Assistant student at Rutgers University I served as the student representative for NJSSPA representing the concerns of students to the board and acting as an educator transmitting information regarding state issues back to my class. I wish to serve as an advocate of the profession, a supporter of NJSSPA, and to have a role in enacting policies that encourage the principals of this wonderful profession.