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Right now, we are embarking on the biennial “lame duck” session that takes place from the November election through mid-January.  This time period is typically a hectic and unpredictable one as legislators and lobbyists push to get their priority bills through before the witching hour on January 9 when the new session will begin.  All bills not signed by the current Governor will die at that time and the whole process has to start over.   Right now, we are monitoring several bills of interest to NJSSPA that might move in the lame duck.  However, our current priority piece of legislation, S3373   and A5136,  which allows for PAs to sign POLST forms (see below) will have to wait until the new session for action. 

 In 2018, we will be swearing in a new Governor as well as a new Legislature.   In preparation for the former, the transition process is underway and adding to the lame duck mayhem.  So far, Governor-elect Murphy has named his chief of staff and chief counsel but we expect other key appointments to be announced on a daily basis as we move into and through December.   Beside electing a Democrat as Governor, voters also re-elected Democrats to  the Senate and Assembly in sufficient numbers to allow them to keep control of each chamber  In fact, they picked up one net seat in the Senate and two in the Assembly.  The most noteworthy change for the coming session is that Assemblyman Craig Coughlin of Middlesex  was elected by his peers to lead the lower house, replacing current Speaker Vincent Prieto who lost his bid to move into a third term in that position. 

Fees For Service: Medicaid (FFS)


DC has announced that their Fee-For-Service (FFS) Medicaid Agency will begin enrolling PAs as rendering providers, allowing them to submit claims for services provided by PAs with the PA’s name and NPI under the rendering provider section (as opposed to under the physician). This brings the total number of states that enroll PAs as rendering providers under Medicaid up to 43 and DC. A few more are in the process of making this transition.

I’m writing because your state happens to be one of the seven that have yet to enroll, or indicate that they will enroll, PAs as rendering providers under FFS Medicaid. AAPA would like to reiterate that we would be happy to provide any support to the chapter if it chooses to pursue enrollment through regulatory means.

Should you be interested in moving forward at this time, we would be happy to provide you with additional information you feel you may need, as well as have a telephone conversation with you to discuss next steps and how we can help. Please let me know if you’re interested.


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Legislative Schedule


S3373 | A5156 

Secured the introduction of legislation that will allow physician assistants to sign pols. This will be NJSSPA's priority in the next legislative session (see dates above)   Read the Bill Here


A918 / S377 

(Vainieri Huttle / Benson / Holley / Codey / Rice)

Requires hospital patient's medical record to include notation if patient has Alzheimer's disease and related disorders.


A2430 / S294


(McGuckin / Conaway / Wolfe / Vitale / Turner)

Requires anyone receiving opioid antidote to treat drug overdose be provided with information concerning substance treatment programs and resources.



(Vainieri Huttle / Eustace) 

Authorizes additional health care professionals to complete certain certificates required for involuntary commitment to treatment.



Involuntary Psychiatric Admission

No Longer being Endorsed
For further questions please contact

[Further Information]


A4871 / A4810 

(Jimenez / Munoz, N. / Giblin)

Provides for licensing of radiologist assistants by DEP under "Radiologic Technologist Act" and requires State Board of Medical Examiners to approve procedures and establish level of supervision necessary for practice of radiologist assistants.

At the same time,  S3237 is up on Senate Commerce  This is the companion to A4871 which is the BME part of the two-bill Assembly package. 

Bills Passed into Law

Modernization Act

Public Law 2015 Chapter 224
Signed into law 

See Bill: S1184 | A1950



Signed into law July 21, 2017.

Provides a framework for providers including physician assistants in providing telemedicine.

Diabetes Self Management

Diabetes Self-Management

Signed into law 

Bill A2993. |. S1305
In this new law PA's can refer diabetic medicaid patients to self-management education and can provide the training given the PA's have the two required certifications, for proper reimbursement.
NJ Medicad is working [Section 2, Pg 7] 

Hazardous Drug

Hazardous Drug Safe Handling Act

A837 / S468
Public Law 2017, c.28
Signed into law February 15, 2017

Bill A837  | S468
Establishes standards and regulations on providers handling hazardous drugs. 
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Tracey M. Piparo, PA-C

Marja van Owerkerk, PAC Chairperson

Diane Daw, PA-C, NJSSPA President

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Ken Szwak PA-C

RaeKeisha Dean PA-C

John Albanese, MPA PA-C

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