Government Affairs

Government Affairs

This portion of the website will serve as a centralized source for all ongoing inquiries involving the physician assistant practice in relationship to governmental affairs.

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Current Bills The GAC will be commenting on

Involuntary Psychiatric Commitment

This bill authorizes psychiatric advanced practice nurses to complete certain certificates required for involuntary commitment to treatment. The GAC will be lobbying for PA's be added to the bill. 

Management in Medicaid and NJ FamilyCare

Requires coverage of medication therapy management in Medicaid and NJ FamilyCare. We are advocating to include PAs as qualified providers who can perform MTM.

New Opioid Law

Actively following the implementation of regulations regarding the new Opioid Law
Requires health insurance coverage for treatment of substance use disorders; places certain restrictions on the prescription of opioid and certain other drugs; concerns continuing education related thereto.


Actively following the implementation of regulations regarding physician assistants signing POLST
Permits physician assistants to sign and modify Physician Orders for Life- Sustaining Treatment forms; requires continuing education concerning end-of- life care.

Government Affairs Committee Chair

Tracey M. Piparo, PA-C

Marja van Owerkerk, PAC Chairperson

Diane Daw, PA-C, NJSSPA President

Camille Dyer, PA-C

Ken Szwak PA-C

RaeKeisha Dean PA-C

John Albanese, MPA PA-C