House of Delegates

Each year at the annual conference of the AAPA, the House of Delegates convenes to vote on changes to AAPA bylaws and policies.  Each state sends delegates to the House based upon the number of Fellow members in that state.  The House is the lifeblood of the Academy, and it affords you the opportunity to help shape its future.  Contact us to find out how to get involved!

Camille Dyer, PA-C 

Gregory Pierson, PA-C

Michelle Melchiorre, PA-C

Gary Racich, PA-C



2016 – 2017 Members at Large

The Members at Large serve as the trustees of the organization.  They assist in disseminating information between NJSSPA and the membership.  The Members at Large serve as members of the Finance Committee, and may chair other committees.

Krista Rogaski, PA-C 

Brian Boockoff, PA-C



Student Representatives

Each PA program elects a student to serve on the NJSSPA Board.  Student representatives represent the concerns of students to the Board and bring information regarding state issues back to their program.

Seton Hall 

The Physician Assistant Student Society of Seton Hall University

Amanda Morris PA-S

Rutgers University

Rutgers University Physician Assistant Student Society

Danielle Miltz PA-S

Monmouth University Representative

Shannon McAllister PA-S



Awards Committee

Help us to recognize those PAs who make outstanding contributions to our profession. We also seek to recognize non-PAs who make significant contributions to advancing the health of the people of NJ. The following awards are presented at our annual conference:

  • Outstanding PA of the Year honors a physician assistant who demonstrates exemplary service to the PA profession and community and who advances the image of physician assistants
  • Outstanding Physician of the Year honors a physician who demonstrates exemplary service to the PA profession and community and who advances the image of physician assistants
  • Humanitarian PA honors a physician assistant who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to human rights and exemplifies the PA profession’s philosophy of providing accessible, quality healthcare
  • Public Education PA honors a person who, through some form of public education activity, has substantially advanced public awareness of the PA profession.
  • Outstanding PA Educator honors a PA (or other clinician) who demonstrates outstanding commitment to promoting excellence in PA education.
  • Lifetime Achievement in the PA Profession honors the work of a physician assistant who through the course of their career promoted excellence in the PA profession on numerous levels including PA education, clinical practice, and legislative efforts.

For more information, contact us at



CME and Conference Planning

One of NJSSPA’s missions is to ensure that New Jersey’s PAs remain at the forefront of medical knowledge. Whether it is a large multi-day CME conference or a small dinner, putting events together requires a large number of small steps (such as making phone calls and assembling mailings.) Are you interested in learning the process required for an event to become approved for CME hours? Contributing a few hours a month can help create a great event. To find out how, please contact us at !



Corporate Relations


NJSSPA is always seeking partnerships with corporations that share our goal of improving healthcare for the citizens of New Jersey. If you have any contacts, please forward their information to the NJSSPA contact below.



Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee affirms NJSSPA’s commitment to a policy that promotes the acceptance of the ethnic, cultural, gender, and personal qualities of all individuals. The Committee promotes diversity in an attempt to improve communication and interpersonal relationships,  to maintain a high standard of non-discriminative health care practice for the patients being served and to raise awareness of issues related to diversity that directly impact the delivery of quality healthcare.



Finance Committee


The Finance Committee is chaired by the treasurer of NJSSPA. The finance committee is charged with developing an operating budget, maintaining our accounts, and ensuring compliance with the regulations governing non-profit organizations. For more information, contact the committee at



Government Affairs Committee


The legislative and government affairs committee works behind the scenes to enhance our ability to provide outstanding care to the citizens of New Jersey. This committee suggests new legislation favorable to PAs and also monitors upcoming legislation for possible impact on PA practice. We would like to have committee members from all areas of New Jersey – this will enhance our ability to reach out to local legislators when the need arises. Contact us at to find out how to get involved!

Come look of our Government Affairs Page for more information about our work! Click HERE



Membership Committee

The membership committee works hard to ensure that all New Jersey physician assistants have the opportunity to become involved in NJSSPA. If there are any member benefits that you feel we should consider adding, please let us know. We can always use a hand arranging mailings or contacting members. Contact us to find out how to get involved at !




Do you have a way with words? NJSSPA always needs help with producing our newsletter. Have you seen an interesting case? Can you tell us what makes your practice unique? Would you like to share your knowledge regarding reimbursement or legal issues? We believe that all of our members have the expertise to make a valuable contribution.



Professional Wellness

Physician assistants in New Jersey are fortunate to have access to the Professionals’ Assistance Program of NJ (PAPNJ), the only professional assistance program approved by the State Board of Medical Examiners. The function of the PAPNJ is to provide a means to identify, evaluate, treat and monitor healthcare professionals who may suffer from diseases of impairment. Clinicians suffering from such conditions may deliver substandard care to their patients and compromise the public safety if left undiagnosed and untreated. Almost any medical condition can affect a clinician’s ability to practice medicine with requisite skill and safety. Conditions commonly addressed by the PAPNJ include:

  • Alcohol use disorders
  • Drug use disorders
  • Psychiatric Illnesses
  • Disruptive disorders
  • Psycho-sexual disorders
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Physical disorders
  • How does the Process Begin?

Most commonly, clinicians are referred to the PAPNJ for assistance. In this case colleagues, friends, family members or patients of a clinician who may be impaired contact the PAPNJ directly. If you know someone in need of help, please use the information below to contact the PAPNJ. Any information relayed to the PAPNJ is held in strict confidence, and the identity of the referral source is never revealed unless the referral source agrees.

In other cases, a clinician may recognize the development of impairment and voluntarily contact the PAPNJ for assistance. Working with the staff of the PAPNJ, an individualized treatment and monitoring plan will be developed.
What Happens Next?

After an initial assessment, the PAPNJ staff will recommend a treatment or recovery plan and monitor progress toward that plan. In the vast majority of cases, PAPNJ program participants are able to resume the practice of medicine with only brief interruption. The PAPNJ will assist program participants in working with the State Board of Medical Examiners, hospital administration and even the courts to return to practice when it is safe to do so.

Contact the Professionals’ Assistance Program
To speak to someone directly, please call the PAPNJ office during business hours. Voice mail operates 24 hours daily and contact will be made on the next business day.

Professionals’ Assistance Program of NJ
742 Alexander Road
Suite 105
Princeton, NJ 08540-8658
Click here to email PAPNJ
Phone: 609-919-1660
Fax: 609-919-1611



Public Education

Have you ever volunteered for “career night” at your child’s school? Did you know that NJSSPA might have some resources you can add to your presentation? Maybe we could assist you in obtaining educational materials from the AAPA. Or perhaps you could use our portable display or one of our board members could accompany you. Volunteers are frequently needed for career days in healthcare facilities as well. Come share your enthusiasm for our profession!




The Reimbursement Committee exists to help you with any questions you or your supervising physician might have in dealing with the insurance industry. We interact frequently with the AAPA to ensure that our members’ questions are answered in a timely fashion. Please let us know how we can help you!