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Donations with NJSSPA

Here at NJSSPA would like to take the opportunity to reflect the core values of our membership, and represent what a physician assistant truly stands for. Our core values embody not only medical treatment, but supporting a person as a whole, and the greater good of humanity.

Donating to New Jersey State Society of Physician Assistants is credited 100% to a volunteer non-profit society which represents over 2,000 working physician assistants in the state of New Jersey.

NJ State Society of Physician Assistants

Donations to support NJ State Society of Physician Assistants

Student Scholarships

Providing student scholarship funds for matriculating PA’s.

Research Grants

Contributions to medical research grants

Disaster Relief Fund

We currently are accumulating disaster relief funds in anticipation of future disasters.

Underserved Medical Supplies

Intention to identify an underserved community clinic. Donating a % of allocated funds or bulk medical supply. 

Volunteer Emergency Agencies

Anticipate collecting donations for volunteer emergency fire and rescue departments. 

Hospital Donations or Disease Trust Funds

Intention to select one hospital, department, or disease fund to donate for a cause

Special Needs Children

Donation of a specialized saddle to Therapeutic Riding at Centenary College for special needs children doing horseback riding as part of their physical therapy

Children Activities

Sponsoring little league baseball teams


Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund

Medical Supplies to Underserved

Donated glucometers and test strips to NJ clinics

Hospital Donations

Trenton Psychiatric Hospital

Health Promotion

File of Life medical history cards for a health fair





Number of Individuals Affected



Amount Collected



The NJ PA Foundation raises funds via two main methods

  1. Direct donations from NJ physician assistants who generously make a contribution during the annual NJSSPA membership drive
  2. Tricky Tray events (Come visit our table at NJSSPA conferences!)


100% of all donations will be divided equally into causes voted upon by the NJSSPA board, unless specifically requested to a certain fund by donator. At no time will donations be used for profit, or deducted for monetary gain.


Upcoming updates: Poll for membership to vote on donations. Comment section for recommendations for new donations. Statement on how selection of donations are made. A special thanks block with a list of donators.