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We are working diligently on creating this student section. We appreciate the patience of all our members. While we build a state-of-the-art Phyisican Assistant Student resource page, we are looking for feedback, impressions, and opinions. 

Membership dues are highly valuable and serve as a significant impact on how we practice. NJSSPA is directly engaged in state legislation. The funds we receive pay our lobbying representative in Trenton, NJ. The impact of having a compensated lobbyist representing PA’s is substantial on our government level. For example, see the NJ PA Modernization Act (P.L.1991, c.378, amending P.L.1983, c.308 and P.L.1988, c.125, and repealing various parts of the statutory law.)

There is constant and ongoing exchange influencing the decisions on whether or not PA’s are included on these bills. Our direct involvement may serve as a high impact influencing the ways in which PA’s may operate, and also by the restrictions on when they can not. We are also highly engaged with delegates at the national level, maintaining alignment with national standards and movements. 

Below is a contact form. Please submit your requests, ideas, and feedback, so that we may provide you a flawless, robust, and helpful resource in the years to come

Web Design Progress
Upcoming Resources, Content & Ideas


-What we are currently focusing on:

  1. -Centralized Job Resource Database
    -Resume/CV Posting and current job opportunities, especially for new graduates. 
  2. A newly created position- The appointment of Advocate Director in Physician Assistant Research, Dr. Chinwe Ogedegbe MD.
    1. This new role will provide an opportunity for PA Students to participate in research/publications. One current idea we are investigating is a study on the most effective utilization of Physician Assistants.
  3. A portal/access for out of state physician assistant societies to interact with New Jersey PA’s and PA Students; and inter-state communication platform.
  4. Opportunities to participate in high ranking leadership jobs on behalf of the state through NJSSPA
  5. Volunteer opportunities for Pre-PA students
  6. A newsletter
  7. Student committee collaboration
  8. An study/potential publication outreach program with an intention of outreach to a sample population.
  9. Direct involvement with ongoing publication/research 
  10. An active list of preceptors willing to take on students, emphasizing fields that are sub-specialty (i.e. oncology)
  11. An Active list of preceptors in the state willing to take on students.
  12. An information packet is made available for new graduate pa’s (transitioning professionals) on the proper steps in obtaining licensure. 


Optimal Team Practice

We support Optimal Team Practice set forth by AAPA

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NJ Government Affairs

We are currently engaged in the review and approval of bills which include PAs.

If you wish for something to be engaged on the legislative level, or have a concern please contact us. 

Laws and Regulations

We will be posting New Jersey Laws and Regulations. If you have any questions please contact us.